Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tonga Soa Voluntaire!

After 3 long months of training they decided to let us volunteer! Hi all! Just wanted to make a quick update while I had access to my APCD (PC jargon) computer and internet access. My computer died 2 nights ago so instead of a well thought out and elaborate post full of pictures you get this hastily made entry.
So this morning was swear in. I made it through training- 3 countries, 14000 miles of flight, 2 hemispheres and countless parasites later. We had a big party, sang a Malagasy song (Salakao), and then binged on pastries with our staff, embassy personel, some counterparts (mine included!), and about 10 Gasy journalists. The wandering turtle stole the show though as it did laps around the "stage" (grass lawn of the ambassador's house) eating the decorative rose arrangements. It's ok because it's a protected endangered species of turtle being kept as a pet- over 100 years old too!
So life right now is a whirlwind of confusion as PC tries to work out the logistics of sending 36 people around a nation the size of California with only about 9 mains roads and the most discombobulated routes imagineable. We also have to open our bank accounts, withdraw money (all in French) and buy our beds and cook stoves before leaving the capital because our local banking town wont have it.
Anyway have to go. More to come soon hopefully. This was just a taste.
Miss you all so much. I got an abundance of letters today and cried with excitment so keep them coming.
Much Love