Saturday, September 19, 2009

One month...

I will be in Philly for orientation in a month. It's so crazy soon, I feel like I have so much to do still! Things are starting to come to order, as I have started to amass the things I'll take with me for the next two years. I need need NEED to make a scrapbook- and by scrapbook I mean photo album. I'm not nearly crafty enough for scrapbooking. Let's be honest.
I also have to continue eating delicious food that I won't have for a while. Mom made a delish mock Thanksgiving dinner tonight- since I won't be home for turkey day state side. Sooo yummy. I love my family. Is that corny to say? Who cares.
I've been reading up on tree planting and goat milk processing as well as 3000 other things I find relevant/interesting.
I need to find some books to bring with me that I want to use my awesome Barnes and Noble gift card on. Recommendations?
Last time I posted I was headed to Gainesville. That was a ton of fun- I love my 'family' there and, boy, I do love my Gators.
This time though, I'm headed to Boston... on Thursday! I'm very excited to see my "peeps" up there. It'll be sad to say goodbye- but it's only for a few years. There's a pro cycling race, a potential birthday celebration, possible "free cupcakes" from a local bakery, Harvard business school classes to sit in on, and hopefully a holiday to spend with my Northeasterly family. It will be good times.

à plus

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So, I'm going to Niger!
"Oh wow!! Wait...where is that?"

Niger is north of Nigeria, landlocked, 80% Sahara Desert and one of the poorest African nations. I'll be heading over there on October 19th to train for a few months before heading to my small village. I will be trying to develop irrigation farming, planting of fruit trees as well as focusing on small animal husbandry. No, not marrying animals. Jokers. I'll be promoting chicken vaccinations, and the healthy raising and utilization of goats in all their caprigenous glory. I'm soooooooooooooo excited!
Until that time I'm takin' care of business...
Today I got the last of my medical paperwork done, took care of my passport and my visa, and read a whole lot more.
Tomorrow I head to G'ville to say goodbye to my former home away from home before leaving for Niger. I'm so excited to see everyone and go to a Gator game, even if it's against Charleston Southern (who?).
Zo-cial, gator game, and Bob's riverplace. It's going to be a pretty sweet weekend.
Au revoir!