Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi from Koni, Niger

Hi friends and family. Internet is frustratingly slow here but we have a new motto in Niger. Sannu Sannu, sai hankuri. slowly slowly, have patience. i miss you all. im running out of time online but i want you all to know i'm happy and healthy and having a good time here, everything is so different (even this keyboard). i can't wait to contact you all and let you know about my adventures.
know that although its hot the nights are cooling. i'm learning to garden and learning Hausa. the culture here is so different but people are the same the world around. it's amazing!
letters are expensive to send from here (3 coca colas = 1 letter to the states or to cameroun) but i loooooooove receiving all forms of mail. so please do it often. i will be getting a cell phone soon and may be able to access the internet more frequently in about a week and a half and up until training is over. if you want to ever be able to talk to me sign up for skype and find out how much it cost to call a cell from the internet. if not send letters and ill send some back though you might not get african postage. also respond to this blog or send me emails or write on facebook. ill respond to what i can when i can!
i miss everyone a lot!
all my love