Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My alarm clock

One reason why living here is awesome: these guys are my neighbors.

There are many more reasons, but this is one for right now. Think of reasons why living where you live is awesome and then comment. (i.e. Boston is awesome because..., Coral Springs, FL is awesome because...)


  1. Casa Grande, Arizona is awesome because I bike to work, and every morning I feel like I'm on B&B again!

    (I've been stalking your blog. Hi!)

    --Rachel G

  2. living in boston is awesome because:
    - i'm nearly always surrounded by intelligent and trendy people who make me feel intelligent and trendy.
    - it often more acceptable to walk and bike around here than it is to drive.
    - lots of farmers markets during the summer and fall

    - no sara tollivers
    - no lemurs

  3. Living in New York City is awesome because:
    -It's so full of life and culture
    -It's known by millions of American's as the greatest city in the world
    -It's where many things prevalent in today's culture seems to begin or end
    -It will be visited by Sara Tolliver when she gets back to the states :)